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Surrogate Steps for Intended Parents

What are the Surrogate Steps for Intended Parents?

Step One: Dedication to becoming parents and growing your family by means of a Surrogate Mother.
Step Two: Understanding the Surrogacy Journey, including creating a legal plan to ensure your legal parentage of your child.
Step Three: You will work closely with a Surrogate Steps Specialist who will review with you profiles of pre-screened Surrogates.
Step Four: Surrogate Steps Specialists will arrange a meeting with you and the the Surrogate.
Step Five: The Surrogate that you are interested in will complete the screening process, which includes various medical, mental and background screenings.
Step Six:

Once the Surrogate successfully completes the screening process, you and the Surrogate will have to sign a contract called a Gestational Carrier Agreement.

Surrogate Steps Specialists will assist both you and the Surrogate in locating independent attorneys experienced in the area of reproductive law to represent everyone in this process.Surrogate Steps Specialists also work closely with our in-house counsel, including Shaltiel & Blumenreich Law, LLC, as well as other national and international law firms, to meet our clients’ needs.

Step Seven: The Surrogate will undergo an Embryo Transfer.
Step Eight:

The pregnancy will be confirmed & Baby will have his or her First Ultrasound!

Starting approximately 10 days after the Embryo Transfer the Surrogate will undergo blood tests to confirm a pregnancy. After pregnancy is confirmed and approximately 4 weeks after the Embryo Transfer, your baby will have his or her first ultrasound and a heartbeat will be confirmed.

Step Nine:

Maintain contact with your Surrogate throughout her pregnancy and enjoy your surrogacy journey!

Surrogate Steps Specialists will continue to guide you throughout your surrogacy journey every step of the way to ensure that you are receiving all of the support that you need.Depending on the terms of your Gestational Carrier Agreement, you may go with the Surrogate to doctor visits and ultrasound appointments.

Step Ten:

Your Baby is here!

Everyone will prepare for the baby’s arrival. The most amazing moment that you have been waiting for is finally here with the arrival of your baby.Depending on the terms of your Agreement, you will be able to spend time in the hospital with your baby. You will also have an opportunity to introduce the baby to your family. Once the baby is ready to be discharged from the hospital, you will take your baby to his or her new home!

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Your team is so enthusiastic and
knowledgeable. They’ve been right
there beside me through every step
of this journey.
- Caroline


I appreciate all you’ve done
to help me through this journey.
I have never once felt alone or out
of place.

- Lourdes


My surrogacy journey was
amazing and I am so grateful to
have helped such a wonderful
family. Thank you!
- Emily