How does the matching process work?

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Once we have fully screened and accepted a surrogate into our program, our matching team determines potential matching options based on a variety of factors. Some of the factors we look at include the state in which the surrogate and intended parents reside, whether the surrogate has insurance, along with various matching preferences defined by both intended parents and carriers.

Once a potential match is found, redacted profiles (profiles with no identifying information) of the intended parents and surrogates will be exchanged. Should both parties express an interest in working together, we organize a video call for parties to meet.

After the match meeting and the parties give the final approval, the surrogate goes through an intensive medical screening by the fertility clinic, a background check, and an in-person home study by private investigator, a social worker, or by a Surrogate Steps professional. Once the surrogate passes these checks, we will start preparing for the embryo transfer.

In the rare occurrence that the surrogate does not pass the fertility clinic medical screening (this is quite rare as we have already performed an intensive medical records screening and obtained clearance from the surrogate’s OB) or home study, we will present a new match free of charge.

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