Become A Jewish Surrogate

Help a fellow Jewish couple or individual have the family of their dreams and make $67,000 to over $100,000 by being a surrogate.

Fast Facts About Becoming a Jewish Surrogate

  • $$$$

    You’ll be compensated generously. Surrogates typically make $40,000-70,000 based on the number of previous surrogacies they have completed, but as a Jewish woman, you are compensated an extra $20,000.

  • No Genetic Relation

    Although you’ll carry the child through pregnancy, you’ll have no genetic relation to the child. The Intended Parents, using services of a fertility clinic, will create their embryos using their own genetic ovum and sperm, or using donated ovum or sperm.

  • Permitted Under Jewish Law

    Pursuant to Orthodox Rabbinical Jewish Law, Intended Parents of Jewish Heritage may grow their family through surrogacy by using the services of a Surrogate of Jewish Heritage, with the assurance that the resulting child will be acknowledged to be of Jewish heritage without the need for conversion.

  • Why is Jewish surrogacy important?

    Many Intended Parents or Parent of Orthodox Jewish faith may require their Surrogate to be of Jewish Heritage and their embryo to be created with an egg donor (or Intended Mother) of Jewish Heritage, in order for their child via surrogacy to be recognized to be of Jewish Heritage without the need for an Orthodox Jewish conversion pursuant to their Orthodox Rabbi or Clergy and various interpretation of Jewish law.

Requirements to Become a Jewish Surrogate

  • Confirmed Jewish Heritage

    The Jewish Court, Bet-Din, will review documentation of the Surrogate to confirm her Jewish identity and heritage and will certify the Surrogate as a person of Jewish Heritage.

  • Age

    Jewish Surrogates must be between the age of 21-45 and demonstrate a high level of maturity and social awareness.

  • Proven Birth Record

    Jewish Surrogates must have a proven birth record with a minimum of one child born without pregnancy or delivery complications.

  • Good Health

    You must be in good enough health to obtain medical clearance from your OBGYN and pass a reproductive health exam by a fertility specialist.

  • Supportive Family

    Jewish Surrogates must have the support of their family. If married or in a long-term relationship, you are required to have your partner’s support.


  • Willingness to Travel

    You must be willing to travel and be away from home for multiple days at a time without your children. On average, surrogates are away from home for approximately 3-6 days.


  • No Section 8 Housing

    Jewish Surrogates may not receive section 8 housing.


  • Surrogate Friendly State

    Due to unfavorable surrogacy laws, Jewish Gestational Carriers may not live in Nebraska, Louisiana, or Michigan.


  • No Criminal Record

    You may not become a surrogate if you have a criminal record.


  • Valid State ID or Drivers License

    All carriers must have a current and valid driver’s license or government ID.


  • No Alcohol or Drug Abuse

    Jewish Surrogates may not have any history of alcohol or illicit drug abuse.

  • No Smoking

    Surrogates must be free of tobacco, vaping, marijuana, or any smoking for a minimum of 6 months prior to becoming a surrogate.


How Much do Jewish Surrogates Make?

Jewish Surrogate Compensation

In addition to the above compensation, all required long-distance (greater than 50 miles) travel expenses will be purchased ahead or reimbursed for the carrier and their companion (ie. hotel, plane/train tickets, gas/car mileage). The carrier will also have a life insurance policy with a minimum benefit of $750,000.00 for a beneficiary designated by the Gestational Carrier and will also have all surrogacy-related healthcare expenses covered, including health insurance premiums and deductibles.

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Surrogacy is a beautiful but often intimidating process. No matter where you are in exploring the possibility of growing your family or becoming a surrogate, we are here to help!

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