I’ve submitted my initial surrogate application, what comes next?

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After submitting your initial application, one of our Surrogate Intake Coordinators will review your answers. If you pass our initial screening, you will be contacted (usually at first by email, then by phone) and asked to submit an in-depth secondary application which gives us important insight into your medical history, family life, socioeconomic status and more.

If you pass the second screening we will request and review medical records from your previous pregnancies, clearance from your OB for pregnancy, and have you sign an agreement. 

If you are able to obtain medical clearance form your OB and clear our own medical review of your records, we will begin the matching process.

You will always have control over who you match with. First, you will be shown a profile of intended parents we think would make a good match. If you approve, a video meeting will be arranged, and should all go well, finalized

After the match is made we will coordinate and finalize medical and legal clearances, and start arranging for the embryo transfer and fingers crossed, you’ll be pregnant and giving birth to the intended parent’s long awaited child.

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Surrogacy is a beautiful but often intimidating process. No matter where you are in exploring the possibility of growing your family or becoming a surrogate, we are here to help!

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