What is the typical profile of your surrogates?

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It would be impossible to define what a “normal” or “typical” surrogate looks like. Surrogates can be single, in a committed relationship, or married. They can speak English, Spanish, or a number of other languages. They can live almost anywhere in the United States and be of any ethnic or religious background. They can have varying levels of education and so much more.

But, one thing unites all carriers at Surrogate Steps. Each and every one of our surrogates is extraordinarily compassionate and giving. Without question, this is the one trait we look for when finding carriers to join our program.

Other than that, all surrogates must:

  • Be between the age of 23-41
  • Be in good health and receive medical clearance from their OB and your fertility clinic for pregnancy. 
  • Be mature, responsible, and responsive.
  • Have at least one previous successful pregnancy free of pregnancy or birth complications
  • Be a non-active smoker and have no history of alcohol or substance abuse.
  • Not be on section 8 housing
  • Have a strong support system
  • Reside in the United States (but not allowed to reside in the states of Louisiana, Nebraska, or Michigan).

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Surrogacy is a beautiful but often intimidating process. No matter where you are in exploring the possibility of growing your family or becoming a surrogate, we are here to help!

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