What legal processes happen before and after the birth to ensure I get to keep the baby?

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The process to ensure you get to keep your baby starts with our team coordinating and matching you with a surrogate in a state where the necessary legal work to finalize your parental rights can be accomplished. 

You will also need to have wills in place prior to the embryo transfer that ensures a guardian is in place to care for your children in the event of your death. 

Once you are matched, we will draft the gestational carrier agreement for you, which will then be negotiated between you and your independent attorney and the surrogate and their independent attorney. 

Once the surrogate commences the second trimester of pregnancy, you will work with your attorney to commence and ensure your paternity rights. This will ensure that you are recognized as legal parents of your child and that you are able to make all medical and legal decisions on behalf of your child commencing at birth. 

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