Why do women choose to become surrogates/gestational carriers?

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Many people assume others become gestational surrogates for money, but this is almost never the case. Sure, money may be the thing that initially sparks someone’s interest in becoming a surrogate and be a factor in why someone ultimately becomes a surrogate, but it is never the primary reason someone becomes a carrier. That’s because those who are in it for “quick and easy” money quickly realize that being a surrogate is by no means easy money and drop out from the surrogacy process.

In almost all cases, those who ultimately become gestational carriers do so because they are incredibly compassionate people and have an overwhelming drive to help those in need. For example, many surrogates share that being pregnant is very easy for them, and they love being pregnant, but that they do not want more children, and would love to use their gift of fertility to help others in need. Other surrogates share that they have personally known someone who struggled with fertility, and realized that surrogacy is the only way for some people to have children, and they want to help others have children, and to give the gift of life.

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