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Yes, even though we are an attorney-directed agency, it is important to obtain independent counsel for some aspects of your journey. This is important for ethical reasons and to ensure both our surrogates and intended parents are treated fairly, ethically, and legally.

Still, we will always have your back. Prior to providing you with a surrogate profile, we will conduct a legal evaluation to ensure that the surrogate resides in a state with favorable laws that accommodate your family’s needs.

When it is time to work on your gestational carrier agreement, the legal contract between you and your surrogate, our director will draft your gestational carrier agreement and assist you with obtaining an attorney to represent you and a separate independent attorney to represent the surrogate in the review of the gestational carrier agreement.

We have a strong working relationship with all attorneys we recommend and are confident in their understanding of surrogacy law.
You are, of course, free to find an attorney yourself, but our expert team will require the attorney to be independent, be experienced in surrogacy law, and have no conflict of interest.

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