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Fast Facts

  • Is New Jersey a surrogate friendly state: Yes
  • Can Parent(s) obtain a birth order without an adoption: Yes. Intended Parents can obtain a pre-birth order and do not need an adoption afterward.
  • Can birth order be obtained without a genetic connection to Child: Yes. Intended Parents do not need to have a genetic connection to the child.

Summary of New Jersey Surrogacy Law

New Jersey has statute governing gestational surrogacy so that it is clear how everyone’s rights are protected. It is required that parties have separate legal representation and that intended parents pay the carrier’s reasonable expenses, including medical and hospital expenses and attorney’s fees. Carrier must be over 21, have given birth before and completed medical and psychological evaluations. IPs must have completed psychological evaluation.

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Attorneys specializing in surrogacy law in New Jersey

William Singer, Esq.
Singer & Fedun, LLC
(908) 359-7873
2230 Route 206
Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Yifat Shaltiel, Esq.
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Melissa Brisman, Esq.
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