Become a Surrogate

  • Make a Dream Come True

    As a surrogate, you’re helping those struggling to grow their family have the child of their dreams.

  • A Beautiful Experience

    There’s nothing quite like being a surrogate and giving the gift of life. Most say being a surrogate was the best and most significant experience of their life.

  • Generous Compensation

    While it’s not often the #1 reason people become surrogates, you are compensated generously, usually between $45,000 and $70,000.

Becoming a Surrogate

Fast Facts

    • Not Genetically Related

      Our surrogates do NOT use their own eggs to create the babies they carry and are thus NOT genetically related to the baby.

    • $$$$$$

      Our surrogates are paid throughout the entirety of the process. Payments start after medical clearance and continue at regular intervals until delivery. Most surrogates take home $45,000-$70,000.

    • The Choice is Yours

      Surrogates have the final say as to whom they are matched with, meaning you’ll never be carrying a pregnancy for someone you’re uncomfortable with.

    • Farewell

      Surrogates must hand the baby over to the intended parents. Surrogates feel a great deal of pride in acting as a surrogate and are especially happy when they see the parents hold their child for the first time, which would not be possible without the generous help of the surrogate, who made it all possible by giving the gift of life.  Surrogates do get to meet the baby and say goodbye.  Many of our surrogates develop a great relationship with the parents and continue to get updates regarding the baby long after their surrogacy journey is completed.

    What Makes a Good Surrogate?

    Surrogate Requirements

    Surrogacy is a truly beautiful experience, but there is a lot at stake, so there are strict requirements to act as a gestational carrier with surrogate steps. Here are the requirements to become a surrogate:

    • Age

      You must be between the ages of 23 and 41. Maturity is key.

    • No Drug or Alcohol Abuse

      You must have no history of alcohol or illicit drug abuse.

    • No Tobacco and Marijuana Use

      You must be free of tobacco, marijuana, vaping, or any smoking for a minimum of 6 months.

    • Proven Birth Record

      You must have a minimum of one child who was born without pregnancy or delivery complications. Experienced surrogates get an extra 5K in compensation per previous successful surrogacy.

    • Good Health

      You must be in good health. You’ll need to obtain medical clearance for pregnancy from your OBGYN and pass a reproductive health exam by a fertility doctor. Don’t worry, we’ll help coordinate all of this.

    • Strong Support Network

      Surrogates must have support of their family. If married or in a long term relationship, the surrogate must have their partner’s support.

    • Willingness to Travel

      Surrogates must be willing to travel and be away from home for multiple days at a time without their children. On average, surrogates are away from home for 3-6 days.

    • Government Assistance

      Surrogates may not receive section 8 housing.

    • Surrogate Friendly State

      Gestational Carriers may not live in Nebraska, Louisiana, or Michigan.

    • Valid State ID or Drivers License

      All gestational carriers must have a current driver’s license or government ID.

    • No Criminal Record

      You cannot have any criminal history record.

    The Process of Being a Surrogate

    Surrogacy is a life-changing experience for all involved. We works with you at every step, navigating the process, answering your questions, providing resources and referrals, and ensuring your comfort. These are the surrogate steps.

    • step 1
      Surrogate Applications
    • Step 2
      Surrogacy Education & Consent Requests
    • Step 3
      Intended Parent Profile Review & Matching
    • Step 4
      Final Eligibility Screening
    • Step 5
      Gestational Carrier Agreement
    • Step 6
      Embryo Transfer
    • Step 7
      Pregnancy Confirmation
    • Step 8
    • Step 9

    Surrogate Application

    Have Questions or Ready to Get Started

    Surrogacy is a beautiful but often intimidating process. No matter where you are in exploring the possibility of growing your family or becoming a surrogate, we are here to help!

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