Katy Brown is one of our amazing surrogate intake coordinators and has been with Surrogate Steps since 2022. She is a mother of three children and a two time surrogate. Being a surrogate was such a rewarding and life changing experience for Katy that she decided to put her passion to work.

Knowing both the pleasures of being a parent along with the commitment and immense joy of helping give the gift of life through surrogacy, Katy brings a tremendous amount of personal experience, knowledge, and empathy in every interaction she has with our prospective surrogates.

In her work with Surrogate Steps, Katy spends countless hours reviewing surrogate applications to find our intended parents the best imaginable surrogates, obtaining medical records and clearances for surrogates, and guiding our prospective surrogates with an expert hand through each step of the onboarding process.  If you’re a surrogate, she may be one of your first contacts at Surrogate Steps and will provide a friendly and knowledgeable helping hand as you venture into this rewarding experience.

Katy is very passionate about helping surrogates realize their dreams of helping others in this very special way and feels like she is on a new journey every day, helping potential carriers through their journey!  Similarly, Katy takes great pride in knowing that she’s helping the intended parents accomplish an even bigger dream of growing their family.

Outside of work, Katy and her family love outdoor adventures and traveling, but most importantly, Katy is here and excited to help you through your own incredible surrogacy journey.

Q & A with Katy

Q: Why Did You (Katy) Become a Surrogate?

A: The first thing that attracted me to becoming a surrogate is that I LOVE being pregnant. I have great pregnancies and really enjoy carrying. We didn’t want more kids of our own, but I wanted to be pregnant again. I didn’t even think surrogacy was a thing until I just googled it one day. I was so excited to help someone! Once I realized it was possible, I developed a deep desire to help someone experiencing infertility. There is nothing like having a child of your own. I have friends and family that struggled, and it is heartbreaking to watch.

Q: In just a few sentences, describe what being a surrogate has meant in your life.

A: I am a helper. So in my heart, it was just as much a gift to me having my IPs chose me to carry their precious babies as it was for them. They made my dreams come true too!

Q: What piece of advice (or top 3 pieces of advice) would you give to someone who is becoming a surrogate?

A: Research. Research all you can so you know what to expect going into this. 2) Have your specific journey in mind. What does it look like, and what do you want from it? Who do you want to help, what things are important to you in the journey, and when is it over? 3) There are bumps, there will be hangups, it isn’t a quick process, and you’re pregnant. It takes time and planning, so be sure you know what you are getting into. The last thing you want to do is let your IPs down because you weren’t prepared. It isn’t for everyone.

Q: What piece of advice (or top 3 pieces of advice) would you give to someone who is growing their own family through surrogacy?

A: Your surrogate wants to connect with you! Be honest and open, and know that it is okay to be emotional. We are in this together as a team.

Just as a surrogate has a vision for their journey, you must have one too. What do you want that to look like?

Find a surrogate that matches that, and enjoy the journey!

As much as you may want to rush to match, don’t lower your expectations for a quick match.

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Surrogacy is a beautiful but often intimidating process. No matter where you are in exploring the possibility of growing your family or becoming a surrogate, we are here to help!

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