Rachel is a proud four-time surrogate with a huge heart who loves to help and guide others through their own surrogate journey. She has been with Surrogate Steps as a Journey Coordinator since 2022.

As a Journey Coordinator, Rachel leads the surrogates starting with the matching process and ending with the birth of the parent’s child. Rachel works with both the surrogate and parents when forming a match and spends countless hours coordinating with the clinic, surrogate, and parents to ensure everything goes smoothly. Rachel helps coordinate the embryo transfer, travel, and legal documents for the baby’s birth and after.

Rachel Q & A

Q: Why Did You (Rachel) Become a Surrogate?

A: I love helping families. I love that moment they see their child for the first time and knowing I help.


Q: In just a few sentences, describe what being a surrogate has meant in your life?

A: Being a surrogate has meant so much to me. It makes me so proud that I can help someone in such a big way.


Q: What piece of advice (or top 3 pieces of advice) would you give to someone who is becoming a surrogate?

A: I think the most important thing for surrogates to know is they can have their lawyer write into the contracts what they want, it might not get approved, but it will be discussed and a compromise will be made. Also it’s important for the surrogate to know they’re not responsible for any fees associated with surrogacy.


Q: What piece of advice (or top 3 pieces of advice) would you give to someone who is growing their own family through surrogacy?

A: You’re amazing too and we really appreciate how emotional this is. We know how difficult it is to give up control and are here to make this a beautiful process for you despite all the challenges you have faced in getting here.

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