Michelle is a mother to five, a 3-time surrogate, and our amazing Parent Coordinator.

Michelle is a Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant (NRCMA) with over experience working in the emergency department, infertility field, and surrogacy since 2005.

As our Parent Coordinator, Michelle is the primary contact for parents throughout their Journey and works with each parent closely to ensure the smoothest journey as possible. Given Michelle’s extensive medical background, Michelle also performs initial reviews of surrogate medical records to ensure all of our surrogates meet the highest standards, even prior to receiving official medical clearance from the parent’s fertility clinic.

As a mother and repeat surrogate, Michelle is incredibly passionate about her work. She takes great pride in what she does and absolutely cherishes the moment she gets to see each and every parent hold their precious child.

Q & A with Michelle

Q: Why Did You (Michelle) Become a Surrogate?

A: I absolutely love being a mom and feel that everyone deserves to experience parenthood if they so desire. I love helping people and being pregnant so being a surrogate is a dream scenario for me. While certainly not a leading factor, the compensation obviously help.

Q: In just a few sentences, describe what being a surrogate has meant in your life?

A: Being a surrogate is by far one of the proudest things I’ve ever done in my life next to having my own children; seeing the parents hold their babies for the first time absolutely melted my heart. I do not feel there is any larger gift to give to anyone.

Q: What piece of advice (or top 3 pieces of advice) would you give to someone who is becoming a surrogate?

A: NEVER do it just for the money; you will never get rich off this. Please make sure that your own family is complete. You never know if it will be your last pregnancy due to a complication. Have a good support system.

Q: What piece of advice (or top 3 pieces of advice) would you give to someone who is growing their own family through surrogacy?

A: Please don’t hurry and match with just anybody. Please make sure you truly match with someone that has the same likes and wishes. Never create a shortcut. Especially in legal.

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